Best Cannabis Dispensary

Discussion of medical marijuana benefits occasionally sparks controversy. Despite numerous firsthand accounts, piling evidence and scientific studies on the matter, delays in FDA approval and studies funded by anti-legalization outfits create doubts among those wary of supporting any substance prohibited under federal law. Fortunately, numerous states see through the controversy and embrace the truth…(Read More)

Best 420 Deals in Denver

420 holds a significant meaning for marijuana enthusiasts around the world. The most intriguing discussion around “420” is that no one seems to agree on exactly why 420 is such a special number. Depending on who you ask, or their state of 420-ness, there are as many varieties of answers as there are strains…(Read More)


Looking for the best Black Friday Deals? Look no further! Doc’s Recreational Black Friday Specials $15 for a 3-pack of Pre Rolls $9 Grams of Flower $25 Eighths of Flower $16 Americana Gummies   Doc’s Medical Black Friday Specials $15 for a 5-pack of Pre Rolls $15 House Medley Wax &amp…(Read More)

Closest Dispensary to Denver Aiport DIA

“Okay Colorado, you got me here… Now where’s the closest dispensary to Denver Airport?” Click Here For Directions from DIA to Docs Apothecary Doc’s Apothecary 2100 E 112th Ave #5 Northglenn, CO  80233 (map below) Closest Dispensary to Denver Airport First off, we’re so happy you’ve decided (or are at least…(Read More)

Canada to Legalize Cannabis?

Will Canada Follow Suit With Some US States In The Legalization of Marijuana? Posted by CN Staff on December 12, 2015 at 13:54:49 PT By Rafael Salazar   Source: Huffington Post Justin Trudeau, newly-minted Prime Minister of Canada and self-professed dabbler in pot, announced earlier this month that his Liberal Party would…(Read More)

Yes, you heard correctly. Because of an unusual Colorado sales tax law, all recreational marijuana taxes will be waived on September 16th, 2015. In 2013, Colorado voters approved a 25% tax on recreational marijuana sales. Over the first few months of legalization in 2014, Colorado collected $25 million in marijuana tax revenues – that number…(Read More)

Marijuana Supporting Presidential Candidates

Written by: TOM ANGELL Source: The 2016 presidential field is taking shape, and many of the candidates are weighing in on the debate about marijuana. Here’s a roundup of what the declared candidates have said about cannabis policy, as well as what they’ve admitted about their own marijuana consumption. This…(Read More)