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Doc's Apothecary is home of the best popcorn weed in Denver! Our popcorn is high-quality, potent AND a great deal - just $155 an ounce. Stop in to see why everyone's going bananas over our popcorn.

Doc’s Apothecary

Home of the Popcorn Ounces

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What is Popcorn Weed?

AKA: Popcorn Marijuana, Popcorn Nugs, Popcorn Kush

The term “Popcorn” does not refer to a specific strain of weed – popcorn nugs can be obtained from any type of strain/plant. Instead, popcorn refers to the smaller buds found toward the bottom of a Hydro plant – typically about the size of a piece of popcorn.

Our Popcorn Weed may be smaller than the average nug, but they taste, smell, smoke and pack as big of a punch as great as their bigger sisters (yes, all buds are female).  And, the price is right – at just $155 an ounce and $55 for a quarter!

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Our Popcorn Weed Strains


  • Blue Buddha Popcorn Weed
  • Blue Dream Popcorn Weed
  • Durban Poison Popcorn Weed
  • Ghost Train Haze Popcorn Weed
  • Sour Diesel Popcorn Weed


  • Bruce Banner Popcorn Weed
  • Bubble Gum Popcorn Weed
  • Chunky Diesel Popcorn Weed
  • Dragon Popcorn Weed
  • Flo Popcorn Weed
  • Jilly Bean Popcorn Weed
  • Larry OG Popcorn Weed
  • Las Vegas Bubba Kush Popcorn Weed
  • Phantom Cookies
  • Purple Train Wreck Popcorn Weed
  • Space Queen Popcorn Weed


  • Bubba Kush Popcorn Weed
  • Chem Dawg Popcorn Weed
  • Death Star Popcorn Weed
  • Grandaddy Purps Popcorn Weed

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Client Testimonials

“I love this place they have everything and a great variety. Best thing is the staff always asking me how I liked my medicine and always working with me to find the right strain, and are generally friendly about my well being.”

“Doc’s is the only dispensary for me!! Best customer service! Best Product! Great Prices! Highly recommended!! A+”

“Love to visit the girls at PPP [Doc’s Apothecary].

Everyone is always friendly and there is always a great selection and the product is always superb quality.”


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