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Pure, potent cannabis goods for medical and recreational users. We’re proud to be the best dispensary in Denver!


For a potent cannabis experience, check out our resins, waxes, shatters, and more!


Top-shelf bud from our quality growers, available in varying flavor profiles and strains.


All the accessories you need to elevate your lifestyle and smoking habits.


Our pre-rolls are convenient and expertly prepared, in a variety of strains.

Products You Can Trust

Step inside our boutique-style dispensary and explore our great selection of cannabis goods. Our décor offers a modern take on the old apothecary, offering a large variety of quality, marijuana products including bud, edibles, concentrates, drinks, tinctures, topicals, and much more.

The experienced master grower and our entire team at our marijuana dispensary in Denver work hard to ensure we consistently produce premium cannabis products, with exceptional quality and flavor. We oversee the production of our top-shelf recreational and medical marijuana in Denver from seed to sale, allowing us to offer more affordable prices to our patients and customers across the board.

The budtenders at Doc’s Apothecary are committed to serving our medical and recreational customers with quality cannabis, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

And Much More Available

Edibles, Extracts, Flower, Gear, Pre-Rolls, Tinctures, Topicals, Vapes, CBD Products, and more. Check out our whole store now.

Elevate Your Lifestyle With Us

Owned and operated locally, Doc’s Apothecary is passionate about living a healthy, happy life with the help of Mother Nature. Our commitment to wellness shines through in everything we do and all the cannabis products we offer in Denver.

Whether you are searching for natural relief from stress, aches and soreness, sleep troubles, or something else, we invite you to come visit us. We’ve got just what the doctor ordered! We’ll take our time to help you find the perfect cannabis products for your life and wellness goals. We’ve got tinctures, topicals, edibles, smokables, and much more to choose from at our cannabis dispensary in Denver.

New to the world of cannabis? We’ve got tons of great resources for you! Are you a seasoned user looking for your new favorite Denver dispensary? Come down and say hello! No matter your needs or experience level, we will serve you with a smile.

& Potent

It’s a new day in the world of cannabis, and Doc’s Apothecary offers only the best. A large portion of our marijuana products in Denver are lovingly produced by our own team of budtenders, with no sketchy fillers or additives, just as Mother Nature intended.


Our staff is passionate about cannabis education, and we are committed to giving each of our customers and patients a safe, enjoyable experience. We are your go-to resource for up-to-date info on Colorado marijuana laws, purchasing requirements, and more.

What does the Doc say?

Indica Strain Explained

Indica Strain Explained

Indica strains are one of the two most popular types of cannabis. The other, sativa, has a different psychoactive effect. If you're new to using cannabis or if you're trying out a strain for the first time, this guide will help explain how these two types affect your...

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Discussion of medical marijuana benefits occasionally sparks controversy. Despite numerous firsthand accounts, piling evidence and scientific studies on the matter, delays in FDA approval and studies funded by anti-legalization outfits create doubts among those wary...

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Medical and Recreation Hours
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